Hinchliffe Pullets

Here at Hinchliffe’s we work with all commercial breeds to produce 16 week old point of lay pullets for the laying hen sector. Our aim is to rear and supply strong healthy pullets that are able to meet their genetic potential throughout the laying period and to do this in welfare friendly environments. This is achieved through attention to detail at every level…..


It is in Hinchliffe’s opinion that it is paramount the birds get the best possible start in life to enable them to go on and be productive on your laying sites.
This starts with the following:

House preparation

All our rearing sites operate under a strict clean down/turn around policy, this is vital to the health of the flock.

A strict bio-security policy is also in place on all farms.

Feed nutrition and water

Water lines are cleaned and tested. Feed is adjusted to the birds requirements and stage of development.


Lighting is on for 22 hours when the chicks arrive, encouraging them to drink and feed. It is then reduced over the following weeks to come into line with the laying site requirements.


Hinchliffe’s have through consultation with vets and industry specialists developed a standard vaccination programme. How ever we understand every site has different challenges therefore we can meet any specific vaccine requirements you may have.

Our comprehensive vaccination programme protects birds from all major current strains of disease, and is continually updated in accordance with veterinary advice on new strains.

The efficacy of this programme is tested via blood samples taken during key stages of the rearing period.

Worm tests are taken when the birds reach 12 weeks of age (in good time before movement to laying farm).
Air temperature and quality

It is very important that the temperature of the rearing house and litter is controlled particularly in the first 14 days this along with good air quality helps get the chicks off to a good start.

Stockmanship and monitoring

Our rearing farm managers spend as much time as possible with the chicks to ensure well adjusted calm birds. This also allows the rearer to notice any slight changes in the birds behaviour allowing them to ensure that the environment is meeting the birds needs.

The pullets development is monitored and comprehensive records kept - this information will be used to keep you informed of your flocks progress.

Our rearing process includes:

Rearing record, including mortality, lighting hours, body weight and feed track run times

Feed intake sheet (indicating rations used)

Vaccination programme

All vet analysis report forms

Lion Code Assured Certificate


Delivering Birds

Delivering Birds

Arrangements made between the laying farm and Hinchliffe’s to ensure the birds are moved with as little stress as possible.

Meeting the breed standard target weight

We aim to meet or exceed the breed standard targets before delivery to ensure the birds are as prepared as possible to deal with the move and new environment.

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