What can I expect from Hinchliffe’s?

Before Rear

Professional personal service. As a family run business with years of experience in the industry, we can offer a very professional yet personal tailored service. We will work with you to:

  • Determine your requirements through rear
  • Develop a management programme
  • Draw up a contract outlining all the above

During Rear

You will have contact numbers/details of the partners and a field manager, so if you have any queries you will have a direct point of contact. As well as this you will meet your rearing farm manager (all with many years of experience in the poultry industry) when visiting your pullets.

Hinchliffe’s use Eggbase software for production recording and analysis – Through this we can closely monitor the progress of your birds and report to you regularly throughout rear. This includes mortality, bodyweights, evenness and progress through your individual management programme.

Any visits you may wish to make to see your pullets are very welcome by appointment.

At the start of rear, you will be contacted to arrange a delivery date this is done in the early stages to ensure we can secure a catching team and haulier on your preferred date.

Where possible we will be present at off load to answer any questions, offer advice or just to simply tip the birds. If you require a full team, we can book this for you at an extra cost (Often this would be the same team that has caught the birds at the rearing site, depending on hours worked)

After Rear

When it comes time to move the pullets on to your laying site, we can support you by working closely with the breed representatives and feed companies to weigh the birds.

  • Service after the birds have been delivered is tailored to each farmer’s needs.
  • We work closely with the breed representatives and feed companies to ensure the birds have a smooth transition to the laying site and into lay.
  • If you use Eggbase software for your laying house production records, analysis and benchmarking, we are able to move your rearing data from our rearing house in Eggbase to your laying house in Eggbase so that your production records start at day old. This includes mortality, bodyweights, evenness, salmonella testing and medical interventions.